We're a modern
jewelry brand based in Sweden

Over 2 years of experience
crafting unique designs for our clients in Sweden

At MissElli, we aim to provide quality products at good prices. we have been in this business for quite some time and even though this industry is quite competitive, our unique designs make a mark in the market which is the reason why we opted to open our first eCommerce Store to make our products available to the world. In the beginning, we are only starting with our starred products which will be followed by new designs especially this coming festival.

Our Products are categories into necklaces, pendants, sets, crowns, rings, bracelets along with numerous accessories.

The good quality of products is very dear to us as it is the core of a successful business. We perform a random inspection of our products. We want to have a long-term relationship with every client.


Premium Quality Necklaces

Modern Designs with Classic Flavor

We also provides various range of Gift Card for your loved ones. You can view Our Gift Card using the link below


Premium Quality Ring

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Premium Quality Crown

Our Gift Card is a redeemable at our website upto a prepaid value of the card. The card allows the purchaser to share their gift with their recipient through email. 

Yes, Our gift card checkout gives you the ability to include your message. 

The prices on MissElli are subject to change without any notice.

It is safer to order on our website. We use latest technologies which are secure for transferring and receiving information.

We accepts all major credit cards. For more information on alternate payments, Please contact us.

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